Balance & Brews
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you can drink with us.




Balance & Brews brings accessible social yoga experiences to your favorite local spaces. We pair yoga with post practice brews, creating a space for those seeking to connect to themselves and others. Our collaborative events are built on intention, inspiration, and the important balance of work and play. 

"I bring my friends who are curious about yoga with me to these events, and they always leave with a new interest in yoga. Including social time with beer makes Balance & Brews an approachable way for people to try yoga for the first time."

- Kim E | Akron

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We honor our right to live freely in our balance, and we deeply wish the same freedom for all beings, everywhere.

"I'm so happy to have discovered Balance & Brews. What you offer is wonderful and pure gold! My friends and I walked away in total bliss."

- Shawna T | Cleveland




Yoga is a practice, and our style speaks to all levels. First comes the yoga. Then comes the beer. But, hey, sometimes it's not beer. Sometimes it's coffee, or wine, or bourbon, or a cocktail. Let's meet up on our mats. And then let's roll them up, grab a pour, and hang out. Cheers.